Friday, 4 October 2013

Open Evening WOW

On Thursday evening, we ran a mini WOW club to show our potential new students a taste of what WOW club is. The following collaborative story was writen with the use of story cubes. Our starting points were...
A question mark
A mobile phone
A footprint


What a strange phone call. I couldn't understand most of what she said, but I definatley heard the word...


I wonder if it was someone I knew? I wonder if I can help? Should I call the police?

I dialled 999 and started to explain the phenomenon that had just occured. The woman took my name but told me there was nothing they could do...

Nothing they could do? I report a kidnapping and there is nothing they can do?!


It's 1am. My phone buzzed. This time it was a text

"Who is this? What did she say? DON'T TELL ANYONE"

Well, now I have evidence. Should I tell the police again? They didn't care last time. Surely they have to do something now.


The street was gloomy; there was a faint screeching from a car in the distance. The heavy drizzle hit her face from every direction while the wind whistles through the branches, ruining her perfectly pinned bun. A streetlight blinked as if to follow her every move as she walked slowly by. Then she saw him. He was standing on the corner, menacingly. She quickened her pace to try and avoid his creepy glare.

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