Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Knock Knock

Knock Knock
By Jamie Chape Year 7 

Tim was a door to door salesman who worked for a company which specialises in cleaning gutters. One night Tim's boss assigned him to go round to a street called Baker's Drive.
Grabbing his coat, Tim walked out into the mild evening. When he reached the street he knocked on the first door; the person wasn't interested. He tried the next house, however he got the same response...
Knock, knock, knock. This was about the twelfth house Tim had tried! Tim was about to walk away when the door opened. 
"Hello" said a young man with brown hair and a smile on his face. "Come in"
The man repeated "Come in, you don't want to catch a cold!"
Tim thanked the man and entered.
After half an hour, Tim came out from having a cup of tea and some cake. He thanked the man again and went next door.
"That was a really nice man in that house" The neighbour looked puzzled and said "No one has lived in that house for twenty 20 years"
"The man died when he was twenty" 
Tim looked confused and then realised....

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