Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive by Rohan Patel
Year 7

Max entered the grave yard to visit his father who had died 2 years ago. He placed the soft,fresh flowers in the grave, but then suddenly the coffin rose from the ground. What should Max do? What could Max do?
Back there in the grave yard, young Max screamed as loud as he coud and as loud as lion, but still no one noticed. Then the lid of the coffin came off and for the first time in two years Max saw his dead father. 
The stiff right hand of Max's father came up and grabbed the left hand of Max and dragged him into the grave and the coffin lid fastened back on.
Jane (Max's Mum) called the police ,and after 48 hours, no clues, no evidence, no nothing. All that was left at the grave yard was the wet upset flowers who were terrified. In the grave was Max's dad and Max, but dead or alive.....?

What do you think happened at the end of Rohan's story?

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