Monday, 3 February 2014

The Chocolate Factory

Last week in WOW club, we decided to write poems about a chocolate factory.
Here are some of them.


Happiness is chocolate
Love it
A lot of it
Tasty chocolate
Eat it all!

By Holly Dean

Chocolate is so sweet
Hot Chocolate is the best
On the day, in the heat
Chocolate is smooth
Once it touches your lips
Life will be in fits
A bit of chocolate is not a pest
Lovely as it is
Aswell it is fattening
Time to get to the gym
Everyday is fasting
The day you will to be lost
A day has gone by without any chocolate
You can't take it, its time to have another bite
or you feel hungry
Read the label it may have nuts
You might puff up if not then you're fine.

In my factory
By Luke Anderson

In my factory, there are chocolate treats,
But a secret lies beneath its feet,
Different children from all about,
Many come in, but none come out.
They die in my building, after they have played,
How do you think dark chocolate is made?
Indian, Hispanic, French I don't care, 
All step into my lovely chocolate lair,
Chocolate balls are chocolate toes,
These are the ideas we have chose,
From the girls we make chocolate guts,
From the boys we make chocolate nuts,
And you're all children, lets follow the beats,
I need more ingredients to make my treats,
In my factory, there are chocolate treats,
No secret lies beneath its feet.

The Chocolate Factory

As I step into the factory of sweet,
Sixteen Oompa Loompas we do meet,
They show us the way to the chocolate fountain,
and a pile of gobstoppers made into a mountain.

As we walk through rooms full of strawberry lace,
The Oopma Loompa's pick up the pace,
They want to show us the wonderous delights
that they have been working on for umpteen nights.

I stand in a room with a big, shaking machine,
I wash my hands, making sure they are clean,
I roll up my sleeves and dive right in, 
The swirling vanilla pulls me in.

Splish and splash goes the creamy mixture
Until the choc's in, its not a permanent fixture,
Rows and rows of different flavours,
Each an amazing taste tingling savour.

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