Monday, 4 November 2013

Short story using specific words

The task was to write a short story making sure that specific words are used.

The words were: breakfast, newspaper, basket, truck, sea, paradise, string, tears.

Here is Georgina Deignan's story (Year 10)

There was a family; the Johnson family to be exact. They were just an ordinary family; they eat breaksfast, dinner and tea together. Mr Johnson reads his newspaper then goes to work. One day Jessie Johnson had a basket that his mum had given him. She told him to put it in the truck with the rest of the baskets. She said to him "now Jessie, I don't want you to look in the basket". Jessie said back "OK mum".
When Jessie got outside he looked across the road and saw the sea. Jessie loved the sea. He always found it interesting, mysterious and inviting. He always thought of what it would be like to go out at sea and find his paradise. Jessie then remembered what he was meant to be doing and opened the back of the truck to see something hanging on a piece of string. It appeared to be some unknown meat. Then curiosity took over him and he looked in the basket and saw his little sister's head. He screamed and started to cry, tears gushed rapidly down his face. His sister dies two days ago but he didn't know how she died. He does now. Jessie shut the doors to the truck and turned around to see his mum running towards him, what he didn't know was he was her next victim.

Do you think you could create a story using the following words?
Pen, Bowling, Dice, Hamburger, Cliff, Aisle, Glass, Window.

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